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How much experience do I need to join a tour?

All riders who have a motorcycle license are welcome on our tours. We offer itineraries for everyone, with different paces and skill levels. It is not necessary to have a years of experience or to have traveled around the world to enjoy seeing new countries and have fun on a motorcycle trip. Depending on your experience and your expectations, we can help you find the style of tour that best suits you.

For some routes, we require a minimum experience and ask you to complete a questionnaire to evaluate your skill level. It is important for members of the group to have similar skill levels in order to maintain safety and avoid frustration.

Off-road riding courses

If you want to be sure that you're ready for an Adventure Raid tour, we offer 1- and 3-day off-road riding courses on Royal Enfield Himalayans.

The terrain is the perfect playground:

  • Dirt trails with plenty of rocks

  • Steep inclides

  • Rapid descents.

This is an opportunity to alleviate the fear of off-road riding, whether for couples who are looking to take a tour together, complete trail novices, or even for those who "know" how to ride the trails but have never really "learned" all the proper techniques like feather the clutch, fine throttle control, or the right way to tackle a slope.