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What kind of motorcycles are used on Vintage Rides tours?

In addition to having great character and an unmistakable purr, the Royal Enfield goes everywhere, it is quick, light, and perfect for our secret tracks and roads. Consisting of roughly 60 motorcycles, we take great pride in our Royal Enfield fleet.

  • the Bullet Classic models

  • the Bullet Standard 500cc and 350cc models (350cc in Sri Lanka as required by law) 

  • The Himalayan 411cc.

In short, there's something for everyone!

More details on the Royal Enfield models we offer

Royal Enfield Himalayan :

An efficient, versatile and easy-to-learn motorcycle! Its 411 cc single-cylinder engine achieves a torque of 32nm and a maximum power of 24.5hp. Its 21-inch front wheel also makes it the perfect bike to take off-road.

It is the ideal motorcycle for those who want to experience the aventure in comfort, where simplicity means more fun!

Royal Enfield Bullet Standard and Classic :

You will ride machines with a long, rich history, its vintage appeal evident in its design and mechanics. From the very first kilometres, you will be entranced by the DNA and philosophy of the legendary motorcycle, which are true odes to the spirit of adventure travel.

The 350 or 500 cc single-cylinders are fun and efficient, whatever your playground.

Their impressive manoeuvrability, aided by a very low center of gravity with a ground clearance of 135mm, seat height of 800mm, and flexibility of the aluminum tumbled engine block make handling quick and easy. They go everywhere, but they never go unnoticed thanks to their unique sound; you will see more than one head turn around in your wake!

💡 So, are you ready to go on an adventure?